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Nature’s nail file by Ian Frearson

Between 1989 and 2005 we were making forays into the area at the head of Rindersbukta, the very end of Van-Mijenfjorden. During that time we visited several different areas with a variety of Geological epochs.

In one, the Tertiary Sandstones of the Carolinefjellet, I picked up a small triangle of rock that showed more clearly than I have ever seen before the various layers as they were laid down some 70 million years ago. Taking it back to camp I showed it round and one of the team commented “it looks like nature’s nail file”.

Over 500 million years of geology

Amongst the many rocks encountered we have found everything from marble to muck, the left hand sample being the former, the right hand being a gold bearing ore found in 1996, and the centre one of course is nature’s nail file. Younger than the rocks there are calcium items to pick up & examine, of which more next time…

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