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Ian Frearson steps down

Arctic Research Group founding leader Ian Frearson FRGS is stepping down from his role as ARG Group Leader and will continue his involvement as Founder. A separate announcement is to be made concerning the new Group Leader.

Ian first went to the Arctic in 1975 and undertook several expeditions with other groups before in 1988 deciding to establish his own. It is without a doubt that Ian has contributed significantly to the exploration and understanding of the Arctic. This has been done through the research work Ian has conducted himself in the field of glaciology, as well as through the not inconsiderable research Ian has enabled and supported. All this has been successfully completed by the members of the Arctic Research Group during more than a dozen expeditions.

With seemingly boundless energies and enthusiasm, deft leadership and great judgement, Ian has been an enormous source of inspiration to each one of the members who have been fortunate enough to be selected to join one of the Arctic Research Group’s expeditions.

There are many tales to be told of Ian’s achievements and of his particular humour and ability to manage challenging situations and deliver the hoped for outcomes, safely. What is clear is that the spirit of exploration still burns bright within him and he is certain to continue strongly influencing the Arctic Research Group and its’ activities in his new role as Founder in dedicated support of the new Group Leader.

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