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The Group has now accepted its final member for the Svalbard expedition to take place in 2017. George Haddon Winter is an undergraduate at Keele University currently studying Environment and Sustainability.

Haddon makes light of a snow gulley on the ascent of another new peak in Peru

He is from Aston on Trent and a keen outdoor person. He left traditional school in the UK to study at an expeditionary-based high school in Colorado, from where he visited mountainous areas in a variety of countries from Norway to Peru.

He is a rock climber, a mountaineer, a kayaker and keen camper. His youth and enthusiasm combine to provide the ideal combination for his first visit to the High Arctic where he will be part of the team looking into colonisation of recently exposed ground and species distribution in proximity of warm springs, all under the project leadership of Professor Graeme Shaw, also known as George, so will be known as Haddon, his second name, to avoid confusion.

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