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Steve Staley

Group Leader

Steve is a founder member and Deputy Leader of the ARG. Steve works as a geologist and geophysicist and, more recently, Steve also serves as a director of several publicly quoted and private companies. Steve is more commonly known to ARG members as Stat – the origins of which are best left to expedition members.

Stat’s first Arctic trip was in 1983 when he worked alongside Ian Frearson on a glacial survey since when Stat has been on four further expeditions with the ARG in Svalbard, working on both the local geology and conducting gravity surveys over glaciers to help determine ice depth and bedrock profiles.

Stat will be leading the 2019 expedition and will be focussing on the Terrestrial Geology project continuing the investigation of the worlds’ most Northerly known warm springs, which is part of the University of Svalbard (UNIS) research programme.

Steve Staley
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