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Nick Norman


After making several recreational visits to Svalbard Nick is looking forward to joining the ARG and

the expedition to Recherchefjord! Nick says that "It feels good to be making a physical contribution toward finding answers about our planet, after all it’s our only home". Following many years of working in the technical side of the print industry, his attention to detail and seeing projects through to completion are strengths well suited to the expedition.

Although well travelled, Nick finds the high arctic has a special draw for him above all other

destinations and after his first visit he realized he would find it difficult to keep away from this very

special place.

He has already earned the arctic nickname ‘Popcorn’…

After once cooking a very welcome treat of fresh popcorn, topped off with a drizzle of Golden

Syrup, inside a shipping container using a small paraffin stove - his nickname could be nothing


Nick Norman
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