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Dan Clarke


Dan is a highly competent mountaineer and outdoor sports enthusiast. Dan’s impressive qualifications include BMC Mountain Leader Certificate; BCA Caving level two; SPA Climbing; MIA Trained; Wilderness First Aid & Mountain Bikers Leader qualified. Whilst in water sports Dan is a level 3 powerboat driver and a four star canoeist and back on land, Dan has also competed at national level in motorbike trials riding.

With significant experience throughout the European Alps as an alpine ski mountaineering leader, Dan will be leading on safety for the 2019 expedition. In the UK Dan’s day job is supervising outdoor sports activities for special needs youngsters in the Peak District of Derbyshire. Dan was Joint Expedition Leader to Bellsund Svalbard in 1996. During the 2019 expedition, Dan will again be providing key mountaineering leadership in support of the research work.

Dan Clarke
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