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New Group Leader

Dr Steve Staley is the new Group Leader of the Arctic Research Group. As a founder member, Steve has been with the Arctic Research Group since the beginning and has been an essential part of the story so far. Steve’s scientific, practical and managerial contributions have been at the core of the success of the ARG and he has helped ensure that the ethos of the research expeditions has been upheld.

Steve has a successful background in research geology and his work on the geology of Svalbard has contributed to the knowledge base in remote and difficult terrain.

Steve has also been of significant support to Arctic Research Group Founder, Ian Frearson in his former role as Group Leader. Steve has often been there with Ian, both in the long months of preparation and in the field, where Steve has been able to contribute to the decision making process and find the right way forward for the expedition. Steve is the natural successor to Ian and will lean on the experiences they have had together to take the Arctic Research Group activities on into the future.

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