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Logistics and research permissions

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

The team gathered again to continue the planning of the expedition to Svalbard in July 2023.

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay Research in Svalbard requires extensive planning and presents a different set of challenges than research and fieldwork in many other places. Important factors that need to be addressed when planning are strict environmental regulations, extreme weather, poor communication coverage, polar bears, and complicated logistics to get to and from Svalbard, to mention a few.

The focus of the recent meeting was on travel logistics and research permissions. Two very crucial aspects of the planning phase of the expedition. In addition there was some thinking ahead to obtain permissions for the necessary licensed firearms that provide protection against polar bear.

The team will meet again in mid-October to continue the planning of the expedition.

As previously mentioned, we can consider additional members and projects for the expedition. If you’re interested and have a project that can help us with resources, please get in touch with us!

Anyone interested in research and projects on Svalbard and the surrounding area can visit the ”Research in Svalbard Portal.” The portal offers open access to all research projects in Svalbard.

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