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Arctic Research Group makes donation to foodbank

On return from the recent successful expedition, as with most expeditions, there were reserve food supplies that had been purchased by the Arctic Research Group (ARG) as a safety back up, in case the expedition was unavoidably extended due to circumstances outside the control of the ARG.


Factors such as poor weather, or an unavoidable issue with the charter boat delaying the return journey from the field research location in Recherchefjord to Longyearbyen, could have required the expedition members to remain in Recherchefjord for several additional days, during which they would need to have food to eat.


As things turned out, there were no such delays. As a result the excess food, which would have gone out of date in the near future, has been returned to the UK and has been taken to a foodbank in Ashbourne, Derbyshire and donated for the benefit of those who are in need.

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