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Arctic Club 90th Annual Dinner

90 members, Aspirant Members, Associate Members, and their guests joined Alan Wordie, Grandson of the founder of The Arctic Club, Sir James Wordie, at the 90th Arctic Club Dinner held at the Great Hall, Trinity College, Cambridge.

A gathering of many of the most experienced explorers

The annual dinners are a gathering of many of the most experienced Arctic explorers and expeditions that are currently or recently active in Arctic endeavors, from expeditions providing essential research into environmental issues and scientific research to those seeking to conquer new routes, new peaks, or return to follow in the footsteps of those who went to these extreme latitudes in earlier times.

Hence, it is also a great networking opportunity and one of the key reasons ARG members attend. It's an opportunity to have fruitful discussions with fellow explorers and learn about new ideas, expedition and research equipment, and much more.

In addition to meeting fellow explorers and researchers (and enjoying a lovely dinner), we got to listen to many truly interesting talks. One of them was Olly Sanders, the President of the Arctic Club for 2023, who talked about his recent trip and the opportunities he has been able to take up with the help of the Arctic Club Award.

35 years of research expeditions successfully carried out by the ARG

Arctic Research Group Founder Ian Frearson presented to the Arctic Club members, highlighting aspects of the 35 years of research expeditions the ARG has successfully carried out. Research projects on these expeditions have added valuable data and understanding to high-latitude science in various disciplines.

Ian reflected on the 35 years of Research expeditions that the ARG has achieved and looked forward to a future of providing opportunities for young scientists and explorers to join the experienced team of the ARG to achieve their ambitions in Arctic exploration and study.

All ARG expeditions have always been multi-disciplinary, thus providing a degree of resilience to the group's activities, such that should issues impact the aspirations of one of the research projects, the expedition can regroup around the remaining projects and deliver the maximum possible success.

The 2023 expedition to Recherchefjord

In his presentation, Ian also spoke about the future, including that the ARG volunteers are planning the next expedition to a new area for the ARG in Recherchefjord for 2023. The expedition was initially planned for 2022 and suffered unexpected postponement due to industrial action - causing the cancellation of the booked flights for the ARG to travel to Svalbard – will now go ahead next summer.

"The Arctic Club was founded in 1932 by Sir James Wordie, famous for his journeys to Antarctica (with Shackleton on the Endurance), Svalbard, East Greenland, and Baffin Island. The members are Arctic enthusiasts with a wide range of interests, mainly from the UK, though with many from overseas". (2023)

Alan Wordie, the grandson of Sir James, attended this year's anniversary dinner. The 2022 President Penny Goodman commented, "It is a wonderful evening, and we are delighted that Alan was able to be with us on this extraordinary occasion".

Learn more about the Arctic Club here:

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