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Mike Haynes

Founder Member

Mike has been a member of two previous expeditions in 1979 & 1983 carrying out ice cap topographic survey and geological studies respectively and subsequently was a Founder Member of the Arctic Research Group. Mike was a member of the Groups’ 1990 expedition to the Rindersbukta area of Van Mijenfjord as Base Camp Manager where he also operated a Meteorological Station and assisted in the field with the other scientific projects.

Mike was a member of the Group expeditions to Svalbard in 1993 and 1996 in similar roles, also completing a Human Geography study in Longyearbyen. Mike’s other passion is racing sailing and he is a qualified National Race Officer and includes the 2012 Olympics & Paralympics as well as Cowes Week 2017 among events where he has been an official.

Mike will be leading the project in the 2019 expedition to evaluate the use of drones to collect detailed imagery with positional data for use in scientific research. Mike has a BSc in Mining Geology and is a Member of the Arctic Club.

Mike Haynes
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