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Graeme (George) Shaw

Founder Member

Professor of Environmental Science at Nottingham University and formerly Reader at Imperial College, Graeme (known as George in ARG circles) has previously worked in the vicinity of the stricken Chernobyl nuclear power plant and, more recently, in the Fukushima prefecture in Japan. George has published extensively on diverse aspects of environmental pollution and has undertaken numerous research and teaching trips to Arctic Sweden and beyond. He has visited Svalbard twice with the ARG and is a Member of the Arctic Club.

George Shaw during an exploration of the upper reaches of Bakaninbre in 1990

George will be leading on the climate change project studying the flora in relation to the changes occurring in areas of ice retreat and taking measurements of the gas emissions from these recently exposed areas. These studies will be seeking to determine the climate change balance of whether the new vegetation is assisting with reducing green house gas emissions or indeed increasing them.

Graeme (George) Shaw
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