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Photography and Film

Recording of expedition projects and the visited area to update existing records and provide illustrations for reports.

Scientific information was successfully gleaned from photographic records during the expedition, aligning with the customary approach of recording every aspect of the trip. The camera alone efficiently captured precise details of in-situ locations, and with the advancements in digital photography over the past few years, the team achieved publishable results with modest equipment.

In the past, the group had relied on mediums like 35 mm, 60 x 60 mm, and 170 x 60 mm transparencies. However, digital photography proved to deliver similar, if not superior, results, becoming the primary and successful method for recording. Despite the shift, the traditional method was not entirely abandoned; some transparencies were still taken for comparison and as a contingency against electronic failure. Additionally, successful video records were created, providing a dynamic perspective on life at the expedition's latitude.

All photographs and films played a crucial role in supplementing the reports and successfully contributed to the research papers produced from the expedition.

Project Gallery

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