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Photography and Film

Recording of expedition projects and the visited area to update existing records and provide illustrations for reports.

Much scientific information may be gleaned from photographic records alone so, like all ARG expeditions, some concentration will be made on the approach to record every aspect of this trip. The precise details of in-situ locations are readily recorded by camera alone. Now that digital photography has progressed so much during the past few years it is relatively easy to achieve publishable results with modest equipment. In the past the Group has relied on the best available medium by taking 35 mm, 60 x 60 mm and 170 x 60 mm transparencies.

Similar or even better results may now be gained through digital photography and this will form the basis of the recording proposal. However, the traditional method will not be abandoned completely and some transparencies will be taken as both a comparison and a fall back against electronic failure. It is also intended that some video records will be made of the trip in order to give a dynamic perspective on life at this latitude.

All the photographs and film will be used to supplement the reports and any papers that it is hoped will be produced.

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