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Meteorite Recovery

Investigating evidence of meteorites in glaciated areas.

The meteorite recovery project aimed to identify and recover meteoritic material transported from original impact sites. Benefiting from the dynamics of moving ice, which deposits material at the fore of a receding glacier, efforts were invested in identifying a suitable glacier, ideally attached to an ice cap serving as an extended "landing ground" for meteorites. The Friedrichbre was considered a promising candidate and within reasonable walking distance of the base camp.

Upon trekking to the snout of Friedrichbreen glacier, a drone was deployed to survey and pinpoint the most promising search areas. The ground search, to be conducted on foot using a metal detector, aimed to locate meteorites containing varying amounts of iron.

However, it was quickly determined that the ground was excessively wet, rendering any sensible search and recovery attempts impractical. Unfortunately, this realization led to the regrettable decision to abandon the meteorite recovery project.

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