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Jonah Patton


Jonah developed a real appreciation for the planet while regularly out hiking in the countryside and while studying geography at school. Jonah is really looking forward to heading North to the High Arctic to help with the research into the environment. Jonah is currently studying economics at Newcastle University, and has joined the University cross-country team.

The running has allowed Jonah to increase his endurance and, as well as increasing his comfortable running distances, building up stamina for long distance walking while in the Arctic. Now that the fell running season is starting, Jonah will be doing more endurance races such as the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon which is a two-day event where you carry all your essentials. This will be good practice for using a large rucksack and carrying heavy loads for long distances, that can be part of being on an expedition in the Arctic.

Image by Stuart Whitman


Jonah Patton
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