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Svalbard: Estimated to be heating at six times the global average

The arctic is heating up faster than expected. Svalbard has experienced a temperature rise of 4C during the last 50 years. The past summer was also the hottest ever recorded. The temperature was 0.2C warmer than in 2020 (source). The temperature on Svalbard is increasing almost six times as fast as the rest of the planet.

Climate change is endangering the fauna and putting local communities at risk in Svalbard. We want to share this article by BBC regarding the Race to save the fastest-warming place on Earth. The article summarises the critical situation in Svalbard and how the consequences of rising temperatures are affecting both people and wildlife.

Experts from the Norwegian Polar Institute are among those who calculate it is heating six times faster than the global average.

Read the full article here: BBC (

Our next expedition will be centered on Recherchefjorden in southern Spitsbergen – an area with significant glaciers, fjords, mountains, archaeology, and wildlife. A large part of the research that ARG conducts, is to understand the impact of climate change on Svalbard.

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