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Presentation about the expedition to Rechercherfjorden at Nordenskiöldsamfundent

2023 Expedition member Siri Enckell had the honour of being invited to present about the Recherchefjord expedition in Svalbard to the Nordenskiöldsamfundet members.

Nordenskiöldsamfundet is a Finnish scientific society that is particularly interested in the subject areas in which professor and explorer A.E. Nordenskiöld was involved during his scientific career.

In her presentation to the Nordenskiöldsamfundet Siri covered many topics, including the areas of scientific research carried out on the expedition (beach plastics, pingos and team dynamics in extreme environments), the impact of climate change on the Arctic, and the trials and triumphs of the expedition team.

The session was not only an opportunity to share the findings and her experiences from participating in the expedition, it was also a chance to foster a deeper understanding of the importance of the work the Arctic Research Group is doing.

Siri found the presentation at Nordenskiöldsamfundet to be very rewarding, highlighting the dedication of the Arctic Research Group members and the shared commitment to exploring and safeguarding the wonders of the Arctic. The event served as a reminder of the collective responsibility to explore, understand and preserve these pristine landscapes for future generations.

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