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Dame Joanna Lumley - Patron of ARG

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Dame Joanna Lumley DBE FRGS, a well known British actor, presenter, former model, author, television producer, and activist has become a Patron of the Arctic Research Group. Dame Joanna has a keen interest in the environment and is a lifelong activist supporting many causes. Dame Joanna believes: “ARG is doing absolutely vital work”.

The Arctic Research Group members are delighted that our patron has recognised their efforts to carry out scientific research expeditions in the Arctic and providing opportunities for continuing this important work with young researchers and early career professionals to become Arctic explorers.

ARG Leader Dr. Steve Staley commented "It is very good news that Dame Joanna has agreed to be our patron and we are looking forward to our expedition this summer and being able to continue the work of the ARG."

ARG Founder Ian Frearson FRGS noted "To have a Patron of Dame Joanna's profile is extremely good news for the ARG and we really appreciate and would thank Dame Joanna wholeheartedly for this privilege". Royalty free image from Shutterstock

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