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Apologies to all, it would seem that our blog has suffered some technical glitch and the blog posts since 12th July 2020 have gone missing and the blog images are not displaying on the home page. We are working to recover them and we will upload them again if and when they are available. Meanwhile, we will continue to post from time to time with updates of our activities. Thanks for your patience and understanding while we resolve the issues.

Smiles all round

Henry Staley on his first Arctic expedition:

“I feel very lucky to be invited on this expedition to Svalbard. This amazing opportunity will be a challenging but rewarding experience and hopefully a gateway to further expeditions around the world. I am particularly excited to have the chance to become involved in research regarding plastic pollution. Hopefully this will improve our understanding of the issue and help to affect a change in our daily use of plastic”.

As medical officer, Henry will be providing medical support to the team. “Expedition medicine is of huge interest to me and I am thrilled to have been given this position.  I will also be conducting research into the changes in oral hygiene habits on an expedition, and this will be a relevant piece of research for my studies as a dental student”.