The founder of the Arctic Research Group is Ian Frearson and the founding members are Richard Grant, Mike Haynes, George Shaw and Stephen Staley.  The ARG was founded in 1988.

Expedition members who have successfully completed at least one expedition with the Arctic Research Group include all of the founding members plus Clive Booth, Keith Cowieson, Bernard Frearson, Deborah Grant, Simon Hall, David Harper, Andy Maxted, David Orton, Chris Searston, William Shaw, Tracy Solman, Henry Staley, Petra Staley, Katie Vicat. 

Members of all expeditions are selected following application or are invited based on recommendation. The selection of an expedition team is based on the planned work programme and skills requirements for the safe and successful completion of the expedition. To apply to become a member, please contact us including appropriate information about qualifications, experience and interests.

The ARG encourages applications from young researchers to enable their participation in Arctic expeditions supported by experienced members. This model provides access for young people to both invaluable knowledge about safety and field research aspects as well as increasing the opportunity for successful outcomes and outputs from the expeditions. Younger members are essential to the future of field research in the Arctic.

There are no membership fees. ARG is a charity and Members all contribute in cash and in kind towards the costs of the expeditions as voluntary gifts and time. Typically an expedition cash contribution for an ARG member is around £500 – 700 for a two to three week expedition. New members pay double this for their first expedition as a contribution towards the asset costs of the ARG from which they benefit in the field.

Expedition Members:

1989 Sveagruva, Paulabre and Rindersbukta (2 members)
Ian Frearson, David Orton

1990 Rindersbukta area (12 members)
Ian Frearson (Leader), Richard Grant, Mike Haynes,
Steve Staley (Deputy Leader), David Orton, Petra Staley, Clive Booth, Martin Holland, Simon Hall. Tracy Solman, Peter Wade, George Shaw

1991 Rindersbukta (5 members)
Ian Frearson (Leader), Richard Grant, Chris Searston, + 2 BBC Radio 4 Science Now Team

1993 Rindersbukta (8 members)
Ian Frearson (Leader), Steve Staley (Deputy Leader), Bernard Frearson, Richard Grant, Mike Haynes, Chris Searston, George Shaw, Deborah Greaves

1994 April Van-mijenfjorden (2 members)
Ian Frearson, David Orton

1994 June
Van Keulenfjorden (3 members) & Rindersbukta (2 members)
Ian Frearson, Andy Hodson (Leader), Geoff Evans

ian Frearson (Leader), David Orton

1996 Bellsund (10 members)
Ian Frearson (Leader), Laura Ruffles, Dave Garbett, Andy Hodson, Steve Staley, Mark Shaw, Andrew Maxted, Richard Grant, Deborah Greaves, Mike Haynes

1999 Ny Ålesund (6 members)
Ian Frearson (Leader), Bernard Frearson, Kate Vicat, Andrew Maxted, Chris Searston, RAF Flt Ltnt

2017 Bockfjorden (4 members)
Ian Frearson (Leader), George H Winter, Andy Hodson, Aga Nowak

2019 Bockfjorden (7 members)
Steve Staley (Leader), Dan Clarke, Mike Haynes, Chris Searston, George Shaw, William Shaw, Henry Staley.